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[Note : Please read the story called 'daddy soft' launch is at the bottom of the story. Thanks for your comments.. enjoy ] never kept his hands on me for long, and tends to put on and remove. Usually brings me when I say that some of his favorite parts of the story, as times when he did something crazy or something he was proud. has never been so obvious that I enjoyed it. Although he seemed happy when he put his hands on me, usually the true joy behind the mask of happiness attributed his own story to tell and a lot. loved his stories, he said, probably because I was a good listener and allow him to continue his stories, but I was bored. 'You are a child of mine, you know I never told these stories in a while, and nobody asked me, and made ​​so many old memory,' he once said, with a comprehensive look at his face, and after adDED: xxxblackbook 'I can not tell you how much do all the hard work they have done to estimate, and a very nice guy. ' For a moment it seemed that he wanted to come and embrace me, but then he patted me on the back. There's always time for me to go home, usually shows me with the words 'Thank you for your help. Good night, my son,' but his bright blue eyes always seemed to xxxblackbook wander, almost as if he wanted me to say something more, but never arrived and never found the right time. as a school - end of the semester approached, I was always very busy and started jumping to go home. Once it was a month since I visited and I had managed to visit his home. He opened the door, wearing a big smile on his face in his favorite blue t-shirt with formal pants and said, 'How was your trip around the world', we laughed and then said, 'Have you left me for another friend yours? 'His face had a fake smile, and I knew he felt, because I missed a lot and I felt a little lonely without my company. It was about noon, and he had it all cooked in front of my entrance. ' I cooked your favorite meal of my son, and you really need to eat now, as have the energy to himself a month of work!' He said with a laugh. We just eat and then I asked him, 'What do I do now out. ' He responded with 'Relax my son tonight, you can relax, have previously been under a lot of stress lately and I just wanted to try a nice relaxing night. ' Once again had a smile on his face, and yet there was also a little crafty and mysterious look in his eyes, my thoughts are always asking, remained. Said, when I was in your living room and sat in the comfortable xxxblackbook leather sofa, 'Come with me son. ' The room was nice and warm and the room had poor lighting conditions. ' Take off your shoes and relax my son while I go and pour you some wine. ' I took your advice and moved myShoes and socks and put my head on the couch, and I must admit that this was very relaxing, it felt like the leather around the neck and massaged me. Then he returned with the wine he had a few drinks and talked more about things -ons last month. When I talked to my surprise, he said: 'We still are a little hard xxxblackbook for me, now put your legs on the couch and let your head xxxblackbook on the armrest of the chair, and tell me how you feel? '. I followed his advice, and my neck and slowly fell back into the couch as whist Brian, my neighbor at the other end sit near my feet. 'That's my boy,' he said. At this point I closed my eyes and suddenly felt a warm sensation in the feet and opened my eyes and saw him keep my feet on your hands and massage gently. I was surprised how excited I was completely speechless and remained silent and breathing slowly through your nose. Trying to divert my attention from what hand did, he responded with 'So tell me more about your child happy. ' I answered ' never worked the xxxblackbook last, as they are at a different university and separated. ' It seemed to lift my feet a little higher and approached a piece, so that my feet xxxblackbook resting on his lap, and he began to caress my feet a little more. 'The girl must be very stupid, and fit for kids sound like you out.. ' he said as his eyes turned to me and then slowly turned it down with a good look at my body, my T -shirt my jeans and noticed the bulge, xxxblackbook with my cock, and then I looked into his eyes. ' Do you feel better now?'. Before answering, rose from the sofa and said, ' I must tell you another xxxblackbook secret of my foot for a second-.. ' I got up and he was standing right in front of me, almost the same height, but twice big as mine in every other, and said, 'No' 'has someone says you have beautiful eyes. ' I RespoNdede. 'Either you have a very pleasant and welcoming smile that makes me want to.... ' He moved his hands around my waist xxxblackbook and ran quickly in the mouth and my tongue was gently began to shape their experience and fully familiar with my youth the untrained tongue. When he moved to my mouth, I still feel his hands caressing my buttocks, and felt his stomach touched mine and yours, I can feel her breathing heavily xxxblackbook from the nose and move more aggressively into my mouth. I was so excited, I could not think clearly at all, it was my body in all parts of boiling and my heart drumming away, and suddenly I felt as if fully complied with all parts of the performance of their destination without the confusion and the feeling was unlike anything xxxblackbook ever. The feeling was like xxxblackbook a drug that makes me do everything possible to increase the feeling of still increasing, and the only way to do this is, the old man's possession int filled my soul and let him reachor me and be a part of me.
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